Garden Tours

The Autumn Garden Tour has become a successful and popular fundraising project for the Friends of the Gardens. It also fulfills our objective to educate the public in ornamental horticulture and effective water use in the Okanagan.

Autumn Garden Tour 2015 – Penticton

Our second garden tour featured 10 wonderfully diverse gardens from Penticton, during the spectacular fall season. The focus of the tour was sustainable gardening practice as well as food growing and included a wide variety of garden types:

  • vegetable gardens including Valley View Farms and the Penticton Indian Band project
  • backyards with bees and chickens
  • a swimming pool converted to an aquatic wildlife habitat

The feedback from the attendees was that not only were the gardens beautiful, they were also very informative, with detailed gardening notes placed in each garden as well as garden owners on site.

There were some wonderful examples of small backyard oases with both vegetable and annual/perennial beds, and a large acreage hosting a stunning array of flowers, vegetables, and views! 

Huge thanks go out to the many volunteers that helped with planning the garden tour, as well as hosting the gardens as representatives of the Friends of the Gardens and the Master Gardeners. Special appreciation goes to those garden owners who willingly opened their gardens to over 200 visitors that day, as well as our many corporate sponsors.

Habitat and Bog Garden

Renovations to this older home and garden include converting a swimming pool into a bog garden which attracts frogs, bats, salamanders and raccoons. Deer visit the garden from a wooded esplanade at the rear. View early stages of a work in progress and maybe visit again during the Meadowlark Festival.

Find out more about this fascinating garden here–  The Tyee and on  CBC News

Working Garden

If you’ve dined at Lakeside Resort restaurants, you’ve enjoyed produce from this impressive operation which gets an early spring start in the greenhouse. Restaurant kitchen waste is composted with coffee grounds and chicken manure to enrich silt loam. Find an ancient apricot tree, assorted berries and an Italian Honey Fig. Chickens and bees complete the scene.

Autumn Garden Tour 2013 – Summerland

Our first garden tour featured 8 wonderfully unique gardens in private residences of Summerland. The tour included:

  • Southwestern xeriscape themed garden
  • waterwise gardens with native and dryland plants
  • two artist studio gardens
  • a therapeutic garden
  • a professional gardener’s garden
  • a vineyard garden with beautiful views

Garden Tour 2013- poster Summerland Gardens

A Natural Setting Enhanced by an Artist’s Eye

Inspired by the original forest, 22 years of TLC and an eye for scale, texture and harmony have enhanced this shady woodland garden which borders on Trout Creek. This garden is a sanctuary for birds. Many native plants have been saved or incorporated in the layour. Sunny area is utilized for vegetables and small fruits. The Studio is open and welcoming.

“Querencia” the place where I feel at home –

After 6 years, the entire front lawn has been reborn as a lovely xeriscape garden featuring native species. The back garden is devoted to raising organic vegetables and fruit. Check out the home-designed poly greenhouse which encloses a poly cold frame designed to grow crops furing winter months. Visit the cold storage room. Note the Buffalo grass “lawn” and the patch of wooly thyme. A patio area offers a place to dine and enjoy a distant view. Ask about the solitary bee houses.

Sponsored by:

Keep us Growing!
A Friends of Summerland Ornamental Gardens Fund-Raising event.